October 22, 2016
Our Super Hundred is now available in our application.

Everything you've always wanted to know about world's TOP 100 startups, but were afraid to ask☺ is now in #NEWENERGY global startup fest official application - Exhibitors section.

Download our official App to your iOS and Android devices and:
— create your own profile
— check latest event updates
— join large network of stratup companies, experts, investors etc.
— get in touch with each other via private messenger
— and learn more about our TOP 100
October 14, 2016
It's no wonder that such a global event like ours partners with the most authoritative and famous magazine on earth. The Kazakh branch of Forbes is officially our Key media-partner as of this week.

Now you can read our news in the online version of the the most widely read magazine on earth: http://forbes.kz/blogs/blogsid_123818
October 11, 2016
Our super cool sponsors from Cleantuesday, Business Systems, IE Business School and Digital Forest prepared some awesome prizes to charge our TOP 3 winners with an extra portion of #NEWENERGY.

Apart from the chance to feature in Astana EXPO-2017 main pavilion, our TOP 3 winners will get:

1-st place:
Sponsor package from Cleantuesday:

— banner in each newsletter that reach 20000 Cleantech professional worldwide
— one newsletter with short presentation of the Company with the link
— regular retweeting of the main Tweets of the company
— possibility to share one linkedin post
— pitch in minimum 2 Cleantuesday (or Cleantuesday's partner) conference

2-nd place:
Strategy consulting package from Business Systems:

— strategic session on business development
— project management training
— coach-session on leadership – 15 hours

3-rd place:
Sponsor package from IE Business school:

— 50% discount for Global Senior Management Programs IE Business School

3-rd place:
Sponsor package from Digital Forest:

— Participation in the development strategy
— Providing effective channels for cash flow
— Providing automated sales channels, set up cash flow
October 8, 2016
It wasn't easy for us – 780 companies, 55 countries and only 100 lucky ones to join us on Oct.27.

All of you, guys are really cool, but we had to make a choice… And we did it!

We've finalized our TOP 100 list! Congrats to our champions – you really rock and we can't wait to see you in Astana on Oct. 27.

Thanks to everyone: for your applications, awesome pitches during skype calls and of course to our experts for their time and involvement.

We understand that you can't wait to see your name among TOP 100, so here you go – our champions list.
TOP 100
October 6, 2016
We've received more than 770 applications from all over the world, but only TOP 100 lucky ones will join us on Oct. 27, 2016.

Today is a BIG DAY for all for all of us – our international participants, experts and unstoppable #NEWENERGY team…

We've started the row of skype calls with TOP 200 companies to select the best of the best. Each team has from 3 to 5 minutes to pitch to one of our experts via skype. Each company needs to do couple of interview sets with different experts.

No sleep, no food, no time zones exist for us these days. But we'll do it! We'll present the world TOP 100 clean tech companies list by the end of the week.

Thanks to our experts for your tremendous efforts and to our participants for your great involvement!

Stay tuned http://newenergy.energy/
October 3, 2016
Today we've officially closed our registration with some stunning numbers: over 770 companies from around the world applied for #NEWENERGY contest.

Geography of our participants is impressive – 5 continents and around 50 countries, starting from the USA, China and Russia and ending with Swaziland and Nigeria. The USA, China and Israel are our country-leaders in terms of received applications. France, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are among TOP 10 most active courtiers applied.

Around 50 % of all applications are from the companies that work in the field of renewable and alternative energy sources, other categories include: smart cities and sustainable infrastructure (18%), energy and ecology (8%), new energy sources (6%), rational use of water resources (6%).

In next 7 days our experts will hold skype-interviews to choose TOP 100 companies to come to Astana on Oct. 27 for #NEWENERGY global startup fest. We'll announce TOP 100 list on Oct. 10, 2016. Stay tuned and follow the latest news on our web-site and social media: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn.
September 23, 2016
Kazakhstan is an upper-middle-income country that ranks 42 out of 144 countries in the 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report.

Today country has set very ambitious goal to switch to the "green economy" and have renewable energy account for 3% of all energy produced by 2020, 10% by 2030, and 50% by 2050. Also, under the UNO initiative Kazakhstan plans to create Eurasian "green energy" center in the country.

Big plans need to be backed up by big investments – that's why state supports programs to attract international investments - innovation grants, venture capital financing and technology transfer assistance.

Education is also a high priority for Kazakhstan, and in 2011 it ranked first on UNESCO's "Education for All Development Index" by achieving near-universal levels of primary education, adult literacy, and gender parity.

We invite you to Kazakhstan on Oct. 27. 2016 for #NEWENERGY global startup fest.
September 23, 2016
It's a last but one week before our application deadline. And we've already got over 400 companies from around 45 countries aboard!

#NEWENERGY global startup fest will gather best #smartcity, #iot, #greenenergy, #ecotech, #envirotech, #smarttech,#cleantech startups from over the world.

It's your chance to join the biggest world-changing community meetup and find international investor.

Don't miss out, it's only one week left till our application deadline.
September 16, 2016
15 days left to apply for #NEWENERGY competition
If you don't count the days left till our application deadline, we're doing it for you.

So, the good news is that you still have some time to apply. The not so good one – the competition is quite high – hundreds of early-stage companies from over 30 countries have already applied.

Out of these hundreds our expert panel will chose TOP 100 who'll come to Astana on Oct. 27 and
  • Get a chance to present their company at Astana EXPO-2017 for free (for TOP 30 companies)
  • Pitch their company to intl investors at #NEWENERGY main stage (90 seconds)
  • Get company stand (5. 5 sq. m) at #NEWENERGY expo-show
  • Receive invitation to our Welcome and Gala dinners (1 invite per company)
  • Get free accommodation in Park Inn Hotel (for one company member)
  • Get flights covered (for one company member)
  • Receive visa support (visa application fees not covered)
Hurry up, don't miss a chance to present your company to the world at Astana EXPO-2017.
September 15, 2016
Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bozumbayev Kanat, officially announced #NEWENERGY contest final to be held on October 27, 2016 in Astana.

During his interview at Future Energy Forum Mr.Bozumbayev stressed that #NEWENERGY is one of the key events in the Ministry of Energy's current agenda.
Bozumbayev Kanat
Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
"Kazakhstan gov-nt set an ambitious goal to switch to 50% of renewable energy by 2050. And this goal has nothing to do with oil prices. We began developing "green economy" when oil cost USD 120 a barrel, we're doing it now when the price is USD 47 a barrel and we're not going to quit if the price drops by USD 20 a barrel. We do this for the future. This is our contribution into change in our lives, lives of our children and all the next generations", – said the Minister.
Being a truly large-scale and global event #NEWENERGY will gather international business angels, investors, large businesses, early-stage companies in the sphere of clean tech and renewable energy under one roof.

He also mentioned that at the moment over 200 companies from more than 30 countries applied for #NEWENERGY contest.

Apart from an opportunity to feature in one of the EXPO-2017 pavilions, TOP 30 best companies will have a chance to get further investments.
September 7, 2016
Hey, today is our official China day – we've launched our Chinese page and received our first application from the Middle Kingdom.

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Harbin, Xi'an – we're waiting for your startups!

Don't waste your time, submissions for startups are open till Oct. 1, 2016.

September 5, 2016
We couldn't make you wait any longer, so please meet our next expert – Olga Lobachinsky.

Olga is a CEO at StartIsrael, Israel's Entrepreneurship Portal, responsible for managing all the operations including: content management, business development and marketing strategies.

Olga worked as a Category Marketing Manager at major media/telecom companies: YES – satellite television provider and Cellcom – mobile telecommunications company. In those positions she managed marketing innovative activities for the Russian segment, including planning and execution.

Olga has diverse experience in non-traditional marketing tactics including traditional and non-traditional partnerships and campaigns, multi-channel opportunities and multi-stakeholder initiatives in order to meet strategic brand objectives.

Meet Olga at #NEWENERGY global startup fest on Oct. 27, 2016. Register now!

September 2, 2016
We've opened new continent this week!

The North America appeared on #NEWENERGY global startup fest map. Canada and the US has joined us this week together with the startup companies from Russia, Indonesia, Latvia and Bulgaria.

Don't you think your country is missing? Apply to join #NEWENERGY global startup fest.

Submissions for startups are open till Oct. 1, 2016.
August 30, 2016
We bet you like secrecy and conspiracy as much as we do☺. So, you're gonna love our little surprise –we decided not to reveal our experts list at once and keep you a bit intrigued.

However, we couldn't help but make an intro for Oren Simanian – our first expert and key-person in the Israeli startup ecosystem.

Oren is innovator and entrepreneur, the Founder of StarTau, Tel-Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center and Marketing and Community Head at Indiegogo Israel, the world's funding engine.

Oren is a mentor of early stage startups, and an inspiring guest speaker about innovation (Recently at TEDx).

Follow our news to find out who is next on our secret list ;)
August 29, 2016
When we say we're global contest, we really mean it.

Within a couple of weeks of registration, we've already got startups from over 20 countries!
The US
The UK
Welcome, bem vinda, स्वागत हे, Velkommen, Bienvenue, Witamy, Bienvenido, Қош келдіңіздер!

The whole world is joining us! Are you?

Submissions for startups are open till Oct. 1, 2016.
August 26, 2016
We're rounding up this week with over 20 new applications.

France, Norway, Australia, the UK, Turkey, Ireland, the US, Poland, Angola, Kazakhstan, Israel, Serbia, India, Ukraine, welcome aboard!

Don't miss your chance to join #NEWENERGY global startup fest.

Submissions for startups are open till Oct. 1, 2016.
Apply now and see you in Astana!
August 22, 2016
The official #NEWENERGY global startup fest Application is already available for download to iOS and Android devices. Now you can:

 — create your own profile
 — check latest event updates
 — join large network of stratup companies, experts, investors etc.
 — get in touch with each other via private messenger

You can download #NEWENERGY global startup fest App on iTunes and Google Play.
August 20, 2016
First registration week ends up with awesome results
Within one week we've got 18 startups from the US, Australia, Israel, India, Denmark, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine registered. And it's just the beginning!

#NEWENERGY global startup fest will bring together:
100+ startups from the North America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Europe
50+ international venture funds and investors
20+ top notch clean tech experts and pitch-coaches

Apply now and see you in Astana!
August 11, 2016
Welcome our first-comers
We're happy to inform that we've got our first startups registered. They are from India, the US, Denmark, Turkey, Israel and Ukraine.

#NEWENERGY global startup fest is a major international conference that gathers biggest startuppers, investors and experts in clean tech and renewable energy.

The conference is organized with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and will be held on October 27, 2016 in Astana.

Don't think any longer, apply now and see you in Astana!