Mykhailo Lytovchenko
In the segment of autonomous equipment for power generation and desalination of sea water there is no technical solution, which acceptable from an economic and environmental point of view. The burning of fossil fuels pollute the environment, the use of wind and solar power plants is costly to consumers and require much space.

This problem is particularly acute on the islands and coastal areas.

We have designed, manufactured and tested prototype devices to transform the energy of the sea and ocean waves. And we can say that our technology has several advantages over famous renewable energy segment solutions:
• High efficiency at any waves and survival in a storm
• Easy installation, easy maintenance, does not take place on land
• Protect coastlines from wave erosion and does not pollute the environment
• Looks quite aesthetically pleasing and not interfere with the development of tourism

And we are ready to create our own serial production as we have: the patented technical solution, team and market knowledge, experience of manufacturing and prototype test results.
Mohneesh Bhardwaj
Founder & CEO
Indians are known for their keen business sense, and for making money even out of small things. When I was returning home for summer vacation, I discovered that most people at my college hostel left behind a huge amount of trash (newspapers/old books/used registers and other scrap). This scrap was then being sold by the hostel authorities.

I noticed anomalies in the system, such as the lack of distinction between normal and e-waste, and decided to do something about it. I wanted to start something for a long time; reading about entrepreneurs online just increased his drive. With my friend , a Computer Science students at Dehradun Institute of Technology University started – a portal that helps people sell their scraps without waiting for the dealer. is a hyperlocal door to door pick up service for your scrap materials & e-wastes at the best price in the market. It is like uber of Kabaada (Scrap) &they are working with the motto "Why Trash it, When you can Cash it?"

We divided the whole city into many territories, with vendors in each territory. When someone submits a pick up request, we forward their request to the vendor in that territory. In this way, one is able to get service as fast as pizza delivery.

Though the company provides free door-to-door pick up service to customers, they have been making profits since Day 1. Right now, our main revenue stream is through the commissions we earn on scrap from scrap dealers & in future we plan to recycle the scraps they collect daily.

We have gained good traction since they started ten months ago. At present, the company has around 80,000 traction/month with around 100/150 pick up requests/day & also getting requests from more than 10 cities to start our services.
Jogiv's Litter to Glitter campaign will define the E-Waste collection mechanism for eco-efficient recycling and addressing the energy poverty of villages in darkness.

With E-Waste being the fastest growing waste stream globally, the scarcity for precious metals is increasing too. According to reports, the global e-waste recycling market is estimated to reach $1.79 billion in 2020.

The huge Potential for E-Waste recycling has prompted E-waste management companies in India to expand and optimise their processes to enhance their recycling capacity. The biggest challenge faced by every recycler today is sourcing and collection mechanism at various levels. It is also important to note the lack of efficiency in the collection management of E-waste material from source. The conventional sourcing mechanisms today has increased the sourcing costs for recyclers thus affecting their margins considerably.

Though every recycler has sourcing base from corporates in their respective operating boundaries, the challenge is to get millions of electronic gadgets which are sleeping at homes by building an hidden hazard for future.

The awareness on the environmental impact of The E-Waste being dumped in landfills needs a immediate mass reach-out campaign. The shortcomings can be easily addressed through innovative ideas in close collaboration with the corporates, resellers, end customers and recyclers.

The market will continue to grow at enormous rate especially in India offering immense opportunities to various levels of stake holders in the eco-system.

The motive is to build and apply processes that increases collection of E-Waste in a cost effective manner resulting in lowering the environmental impact and risks on human health.
Water meter sensor and Water quality and consumption Monitoring System
Konstantin Berezin, GM, BwareIT
You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

There is water crisis all over the world. People are not aware of water consumption and quality. Is this water safe to drink and to use? How many liters are needed to wash a cup or to take a shower?

Tested and approved that once household see the water consumption in real time, it can save a water and water bill up to 20%.

BrighTap IOT water meter can be standalone sensor attached to any standard water tap, pipe or hose and transforms them to a Smart device. BrighTap purpose is to inform in real time of water quality and help user reduce their water bills. BrighTap provides data of water quality and consumed water quantities (water quality index, liters/gallons, temperature, costs, etc.) at all times in a simple and clear manner on the product's display. This data can be tracked via monitoring system. The target is to increase awareness of water consumption and water quality for households and organizations.In additional BrighTap sensor can be OEM to any device (Tab, Refrigerator, water Bar). BrighTap combines unique and in-house developed analytic algorithm and turbine technology that measures water flow, with accuracy +/- 4%.
Low Cost Small Wind Turbines
Arun George
CEO & Founder
Our mission: Providing Affordable and Clean Energy using Small Wind Turbines

The Patent Pending Small Wind Turbine prototype that we have developed is called the GYROSCOPIC AXIAL FLUX TURBINE (GAFT). GAFT converts Kinetic/Mechanical Energy into Electrical without any permanent loss of its own energy. GAFT is designed for low cost electrification applications, where local clean energy production through multiple capabilities of that of using it either as a Small Wind turbine, Hydro turbine or even as a Tidal turbine are possible.

We are aiming our GAFT Small Wind Turbine system to be launched in the global markets at a breakthrough low cost price of 1/8th of existing similar alternatives. We made the product extremely simplified and rectified the issues in existing products while at the same time increased its power efficiency. This was achieved by developing a Core-less, Brush-less Design to avoid the energy losses from the system, which also helps in removing Cogging Torque at the start and also uses strongest available magnets (Neodymium - 6 times powerful).

This affordable Small Wind Turbine can meet the daily power needs of the consumer, reduce their monthly electricity expenditure, reduce dependence on struggling state power grids, and make renewable energy affordable and accessible to common man and economically disadvantaged populations.

Watch the video about our project:
David Callegari
In a few years, across Europe and elsewhere, solar and wind energy will be able to compete with electricity sold through the grid. Even today, thanks to government incentives, putting solar panels on one's rooftop is an excellent decision – good for one's bank account as well as the planet. So why aren't people doing it more?

The problem is, going solar isn't as easy at it sounds (or should be). Sadly, solar scams remain commonplace; technical, administrative and fiscal formalities make most people give up their projects.

In Sun We Trust helps households and business go solar by providing reliable answers to these essential questions: would solar energy be profitable in my particular situation? And, even more importantly, who can I call to make sure that it's done right?

Our start-up provides an innovative simulation technology to accurately estimate the potential of any rooftop to host solar energy. It also puts our users in touch with solar installers near them, who have gone through a rigorous selection process.

Our end-game is to fast-track the transition to solar energy across Europe. Putting the clean, conflict-free, inexhaustible energy of the Sun to use can help us build a fair and sustainable society.
Nenad Paunovic
Poduhvat is the Ultimate Hedge which goes beyond traditional short sided investment policy.

Since the day we were founded our motivation has always been beyond just profits. Our goal was to offer sustainable alternative to rapidly deteriorating global energy affair. The question is how can any start-up do this?

This is a very good question as most of the start-ups develope only narrow niche products and when it comes to energy very few of them come with real innovation.

Not so with Poduhvat. In 10 years of development we came up with a number of patented products than span from small scale (VETAR, VETROSUN, VETRODOM) to large scale industrial applications (VETROHVAT, VETROSTUB).

We were able to do this because we are creating modular industrial scale products based on individual units. This means that our production process involves in large part the same resources for retail kW class and industrial scale MW class product.

We are solving most of the problems of the current wind turbines such as low energy density, noise, vibrations, light flickering, space occupation, wildlife.

In addition we create new urban renewable market buy allowing urban power generation. We are the first to create the seamlessly integrated wind-sun hybrids as well as completely new approach to industrial scale production.

In perspective this means opening production facilitates, creating hundreds of thousandths new work places and kick-starting a REAL ECONOMY instead of speculator bubbles. An effort to create new distributed, smart grid based renewable energy powered, highly resistant infrastructure.
Wind turbine blades
We are visionaries who, by streamlining the production process, aim to significantly lower the price of wind power generation and to make it even more affordable (around the world, with easy access for all of us. Our mission is to apply more than 20 years of experience in the thermoplastic material molding technology to the renewable energy sector.

At present, blades are made of glass-reinforced plastic or of carbon fiber with an aluminum core. Blades available commercially cause a number of problems and obstacles, thus generating additional costs. The problems result from the specific nature of the glass-reinforced plastic and the production technology it requires.

It is estimated that for the turbine manufacturers and insurers who underwrite the costs these problems translate into multi-million dollar expenses each year.

We started with one basic, very simple concept: to create innovative blades for wind turbines. The innovations constitute in using high-tech thermoplastic materials and a simplified production process, both of which serve to solve many of the problems plaguing the blades on the market today. Our simplified process has resulted in a product which is superior to others in all aspects.

We believe that the wind is the future of clean energy - the future of our planet.
Lightwork developers
From Left: Dr Chris le Brese (Senior Software Engineer), Novia Dewi (Project Manager) and Jeff Bye (Owner)
SNORE-TECH: the application of digital technology to traditionally sleepy industries to drive efficiency, open new markets and improve customer service.

The rise of Uber and Airbnb has shown that applying digital technology to an existing 'sleepy' industry, can deliver significant gains in business efficiency, industry growth and improved customer service.

Lightwork is the result of an innovative collaboration between Australian company Demand Manager Pty Ltd and Western Sydney University which aims to deliver such benefits to the clean energy sector. Specifically, it targets energy efficient LED lighting upgrades. There are currently eight people working on Lightwork spread across Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Making it simpler, cheaper and quicker to implement LED lighting upgrades will greatly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, save businesses money and create jobs across the world. The tool is already in use in Australia, having helped over 2,000 LED lighting upgrades take place, saving in excess of 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

While Lightwork has already proven to be a fantastic success in its early form, the New Energy global startup fest provides a unique opportunity to greatly expand the tool to offer new services and to tackle international markets and Demand Manager is excited about the tool's future.
Joseph Borza
Our mission: to help users make better energy decisions by organising and analysing their energy data from anywhere on the planet.

Most people do not engage with their energy data. In fact it is estimated that if users were more engaged with their energy data energy savings of 10-15% would be achieved, as well as significant energy costs.

EnergyElephant solves this problem by helping businesses both large and small to organise and analyse their energy data using something they all already have, their energy bills. Users simply upload their energy bills, the data is extracted from them and insights are derived directly from the data for the user. This helps them understand their costs, usage and find opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable projects.
Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky
Chairman, co-founder
Gideon Drori
CEO, co-founder
A Global Environmental Challenge: Rubber is a limited resource derived from oil and natural rubber, Tires accounting for over 50% of the rubber consumed. Rubber is difficult to recycle due to the molecular bonds created during the vulcanization process.

Rubber, both natural and synthetic, is a key commodity in markets throughout the world and is utilized in a multitude of industries.

Ecotech is not just a good idea; it is a reality based on a highly innovative, patented technology developed by Ecotech's founders.

Ecotech has overcome obstacles that have crippled all previous attempts to recycle rubber and close the loop in the waste-to-rubber process. Ecotech holds multiple patents related to two technology breakthroughs employed in converting waste rubber into raw, synthetic rubber.

The output of this process is standard, synthetic rubber, one of the world's most crucial commodities, at an extremely competitive pricing unmatched by the markets – all the while being GREEN and giving huge marketing advantages.

The combination of tapping an underused resource, solving the world's largest disposal problem, and bringing a product to a market suffering from a multi-year shortage at an unprecedented low cost price constitutes nothing short of a revolution.
Clinton Burchat
At BLKTATU (pronounced Black Tattoo) we are building a fully autonomous drone delivery system that aims to replace a lot of the delivery trucks that deliver packages to our homes. By removing these trucks we are reducing the growing traffic problem as well as the wear and tear on our road network. At the same time we are reducing the amount of carbon emitted by these trucks by using drones that can operate on renewable sources.

On top of the benefits I have mentioned above we will speed up the delivery time and reduce the cost of the "last mile" of delivery, widely considered the most costly part of the delivery process. Drones are fast and are not restricted by traffic congestion, road rules or navigating through streets. They can simply fly across a city to their point of delivery. Because drones are autonomous and the distance traveled is less (as the crow flies) the cost of delivery is drastically reduced equaling between 5-10 cents per kilometer.

Watch the video:
Adithya Mohan
ExergyLytics aims to solve the problem of energy data analytics. Power plants of various types all over the world are generating many Tbs of data per the second and although some visualization softwares are available to make sense of the data, we feel more can be done in this regard.

The plant will already connect with a SCADA interface and store data that lends itself to processing. A thorough analysis of the engineering data and parameters from the plant can enable the operators to make better decisions regarding the plant functioning and the owners to make sense of the financial data. We are in the process of building the proto-type in R and the final software will come with a custom-GUIDE with the ability to present the findings in the form of a report or an executive summary for the people involved.
APSU Team: We build a microwave reactor, which cleans residual water. It is an innovative small equipment with a standardized and proven technology of a low cost production that decontaminates and purifies water through microwaves automatically and it is economical and energy-efficient.
Diego Correa Hidalgo
APSU has developed an innovative microwaves reactor, based on the "Microwave Plasm Interaction in solid" effect. The application of the technology is the decontamination of the water, both for the raw water purification and, the most important, the decontamination of waste water, even the toxic compounds. It is an innovative small equipment with a standardized and proven technology of a low cost production that decontaminates and purifies water through microwaves automatically and it is economical and energy-efficient.

Nowadays, the most widely used pollutants catalyst is the activated carbon, both for organics and inorganics, but once polluted and clogged, it loses its properties and must be transferred to a treatment plant because of its danger. With our system not only we decontaminate them in situ, but we increase their capabilities, since under the microwave radiation the processes are accelerated, such as the conversion of nitrous oxide (NOx) into harmless gases. The APSU technology, while applying microwaves to the activated carbon, makes a continuous regeneration of this carbon, with low energy cost, eliminating pollutants that will not pass to the environment, in a simple process and offering a solution to serious problems of contaminated water.

Watch the video:
Fully autonomous 3D irrigation system
"Maximizing plants growing efficiency is main concern of the major farmers. Tevatronic provides a unique 3D irrigation solution which reduces crucial resources such as water, fertilizers and man power. Our system will help growing more food with less efforts"
Oleg Korol
Maximizing plants growing efficiency is main concern of the major farmers. Tevatronic provides a unique 3D irrigation solution which reduces crucial resources such as water, fertilizers and man power. Our system will help growing more food with less efforts.

Human power, time and experience required to monitor and execute irrigation processes. Constant requirement to increase yield and reduce water/fertilizer consumption.

Our wireless sensors placed in the soil near one of the plants, it transmits soil water pressure data to central valve switch which in turn transmits this data to our proprietary algorithm on the cloud. Once the data is analyzed the cloud sends back a reply regarding which action should be taken. A user can monitor and configure the system using IOS/Android smartphones and web interface.

The system is a closed cycle of measuring plant's water & fertilizer needs and providing them with just enough of both. It keeps the plants healthy without any human intervention.

You can also watch the video:
global solution for energy-water-climate
"Air HES is huge resource of cheap renewable energy and fresh water for all. Air HES stands for air hydroelectric station. It is a new way to effectively obtain green energy, with minimal costs. Air HES is an effective and completely green energy source, that also gives you clean water that you can drink or use however you want"
Andrey Kazantsev
We all use electricity on a daily basis. That means every one of us needs an energy source.

We want to make green and cheap energy available for everyone in the World. In fact, we don't only want it, but we also know how to do it.

The water cycle is an endless source of energy for mankind. Every cloud over your head is a power source to an NPP or TPP unit, but much cheaper and cleaner.

Air HES is huge resource of cheap renewable energy and fresh water for all. Air HES stands for air hydroelectric station.

It is a new way to effectively obtain green energy, with minimal costs. Air HES is an effective and completely green energy source, that also gives you clean water that you can drink or use however you want.

Watch video about Air HES: